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- Wendy K.

"I can always find what I am looking for any occasion at Solovey's! Nice people - Great Selection."

- Jim M.

"Beautiful jewelry with a fantastic group of owners and salespeople. Solovey's has pulled my irons out of the fire on many occasions. They can find just what you need in a hurry if need so!"

- CJ

"The staff is pleasant and very helpful in finding what you want and the service for repairing is excellent."

- Grace S.

"I've had a twenty-year relationship with Solovey Jewelers and treasure all the pieces I have from this great little shop."

- Mary J.

"My favorite jewelry store of all time! I can find antique, one-of-a-kind, gems that only Traci can find. All of the people are so nice and friendly. I come to visit as often as possible!"

- Linda T.

"My wife won't let me shop for her anywhere else!"

- Steve

"I get so many compliments on my rings from Solovey. When I'm looking for a gorgeoues, unique gift, I go directly to Solovey!"

- Kristen

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Thank you for your expertise and care!"

- Erin R.

"Purchasing prized jewelry ought to be a happy, lovely experience and Solovey Jewelers provides that ambience. Knowing that what is chosen is not only the choicest quality but handled with expert craftsman completes the satisfaction and surely of your decision."

- Myma W.

"As a new customer, I am so pleased that I met the folks at Solovey who are so patient, knowledgable and helpful. I could not ask for better!"

- Glenn L.

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